Silvia Codognotto Sandon

Silvia Codognotto Sandon


Commonly known as Silvia C.Sandon, born in Milan, lived in Rome since the end of 1994 and she is the daughter of the famous singers Natalino Otto and Flo Sandon.

Among her responsibilities, are included her works as Author and Screenwriter, as well as Executive Producer for other productions, very often outside abroad.

After High School, specializing in Modern Languages, achieved in an American Institute of Milan, she began her artistic training attending the course for Assistant Directors at the “Accademia del Piccolo Teatro” in Milan. Following this, perfecting her training in the United States, with a stage of “Advertising and Production”, part of the course of Communication Strategy (David Ogilvy staff, NY – NY) during the 1979/80 biennium.

From 2005, she has been the Producer of COA/The Dreambuster srl, and from April 2014, she has held the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company.

“Please take note: what follows is my Short Bio, since various activities I carried out in the course of the years, I consider as interesting experiences, but not fundamental to my work excursus. Nevertheless, I believe that my professional profile will clearly emerge from what you read”.

Sivia C.Sandon


  • Present-2005
    CEO and Producer in “Company Of Arts /The Dreambuster” (aka COA / The Dreambuster) Independent Film Production Company of which she is founder.
  • 2001-1995
    Non-profit Consultant at the Italian Parliament on “Independent Production and European film-makers” (in the framework of the so-called “Maccanico Law” including the related financial plan: in particular, she has prepared the DDL (= bill) about “Tax Credit” n. 1493, in June 1996 for the House of Representatives)
  • 1999
    RAI Uno / “Ciao Natalino!” Natalino Otto’s TV Special, 30 years later from his death under the high patronage of Rome's and Milan's Ministry of Cultural Heritage / Scriptwriter, director and producer of the event.
  • 1997
    RAI Uno / Creative Consultant for a Cultural Entertainment Broadcast Serial (“1897- 1914: Europe under the Belle Époque's spell”) Scriptwriter of the serial. The project has been optimized with a new title “Ilaria’s portrait”, provided for 12 TV episodes.
  • 1994-1993
    Full immersion in London (UK) about the Independent Film Makers Companies in EU and USA.
  • 1993
    RAI Uno / TV Program “Noi, maggiorenni...” (= “Music for grown up people”) Italian Songs History - from 1950 to 1965. Writer and producer of the program.
  • 1992-1991
    Creative consultant for a UK TV program, “Shots” (Advertising from all over the world)
  • 1990-1989
    New York Film Festival – GOLD MEDAL Winner for a video clip “Blue” (Category: Rhythm & Blues/Soul). Scriptwriter and producer.
  • 1990-1988
    Telemontecarlo (nowadays “LA 7” Private network) “Gente & Turismo” (“People and Tourism”), a weekly program about Fine Arts and Five Stars Tourism. Author and producer of the serial. Sponsor: AMEX.
  • 1988
    RAI Due (Italian network) / “Donne” (“Women”), a program about women's world. Teamwork with “Marie Claire” magazine. Author and producer of the program.
  • 1988-1987
    Odeon TV (Private network) / “Reclame”, weekly program about Advertising and Marketing, in Italy and abroad. Writer and producer of the serial. Sponsor: AMEX.
  • 1986-1984
    FININVEST Group (nowadays MEDIASET) – Publitalia ‘80
    Advertising Producer for the “Iniziative Speciali” (= “Sponsor Activities”)


  • 2011
    Author of a multimedia book “Vendo Ritmo” (= “Rhythm for sale”) (Natalino Otto's life) published in January by Edizioni Sabinae, Rome (Italy)
  • 2009
    Scriptwriter for “DEAUVILLE” (feature film / co- production IT/UK/USA)(
  • 1994
    Scriptwriter for a feature film “A place in Venice” (Italian title “Una finestra sull’acqua”)
  • 1994
    Scriptwriter for a TV movie treatment “Birthday” (Italian title “La vita è degli altri”)


  • 1983-1981
    Italian staff - Editorial and Advertising coordinator for a USA fashion magazine “W” and “Woman’s wear daily” (Fairchild Publications)
  • 1982-1981
    Fashion-shows - Musical Art Director for FENDI, SOPRANI, BASILE,CALLAGHAN, BYBLOS, FIORUCCI. As in France: TICKTINER, PIMS, HELYETT
  • 1981
    Consultant for REVLON Cosmetics (New Clients area)
  • 1980
    Reporter for the Olympia's Press Agency in Milan


  • 1986-1988
    Visiting professor about “TV and Advertising Communications” at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (Fine Arts Academy) in Milan, Italy.
  • 2006-2005
    Lectures about “Independent Films and TV Production Companies” at La Sapienza Università, in Rome, Italy (Academic course in “Communications Sciences”)

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